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Edgar Bundy Oil on Canvas with soldiersEdgar Bundy
English, ca. 1900
oil on canvas
45" x 37"


Michel Kady Watercolor thumbnail

Michel Kady,
California artist,
Watercolor, signed

dated 1948


American Landscape
winter scene, large o/c

Paint-9  Italian, signed


Sir John Pettie Royal Academy oil on
                          canvas cavalier with wine in the style of
                          Franz Hals thumbnailSir John Pettie
Oil on Canvas
circa 1880
22 1/2" x 18 3/4"


  Sir John Pettie, Scottish, O/C

Sir John Pettie, Royal Academy Oil on Canvas
                      Cavalier with pipe in the style of Franz Hols


 Paint-15b  British Landscape, signed


Paint-13 Henriksen?
etch, signed


Paint-14 Montgomery, U.S.
limited litho, signed


mixed, MOP on board


Paint-19 British Painted Etching, signed


Paint-7  Sloan, U.S.
etch, signed


Meyers, U.S.

McKeage oil on board


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