Who, What, and Such

I’ll be covering almost any subject related to antiques and cropped-catswho.largecanvas.jpgcollectibles as ideas come up, but the focus will be on East and West German pottery since that’s been my specialty for a while.  Aside from being a fascinating field, it’s also rapidly changing, so I’ll comment as new information comes along, identifying new items, the reattributions that happen from time to time, thoughts about relative values, aesthetics, markets, and the reproductions and reissues that have started creeping into the market.

This blog will mostly be for shorter posts, while there remain longer essays and videos elsewhere on the ginforsodditiques.com site.  I hope some questions will come up along with plenty of comments.  If the question is about identifying an object, that’s best done through the e-mail.  As for other comments, just be civil.   And if you got here without visiting the main site, you get there by clicking here: ginforsodditiques.com