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Bay Keramik (1933-1971?)
Started by Eduard Bay in 1933;   Bay was one of the top early companies with decors such as Florenz (1955), Rheims (1960), and Ravenna (1961).  Some sources claim that Bay stopped art pottery production in 1971, but that is inaccurate.  Also, while Bodo Mans was a major designer for Bay, many items online get attributed to Mans with no documentation.  Always look for confirmation, solid confirmation.
MC-142 Bay
                    Keramik Vase Shape 64 West German pottery thumbnail
  Bay Keramik vase 452 West German pottery

Bay Keramik
Shape 452

Bay Keramik Vase shape 575 West German pottery
                    thumbnail mid century modern
Bay Keramik Shape 66
Bay Keramik
                    Vase 66 West German Pottery thumbnail image
Buckeburg vase thumbnail image
Carstens Tönnieshof (1945-1984)

The Carstens family was a major force in German pottery for many years, and before WWII, various Carstens companies produced excellent art pottery.  Those companies ended up on the Eastern side of the political split, and the names were changed.  Carstens Tonnieshof became the Western representative and carried on the family name.  The main designers included Trude Carstens, Gerda Heuckenroth, Heinz Seiry and A. Seide; quality is generally above average. 

Carstens Vase 7312 thumbnail West German
Carstens Tönnieshof
Shape 7312
West German pottery

Carstens Braemore vase, Ankara glaze West
                      German pottery thumbnail
Carstens West German Pottery Vase Shape 662

Carstens vase M 12 Manila
                                        decor by Heinz Seiry thumbnail
                                        West German pottery

Carstens Tönnieshof
West German Pottery
Shape M-12
Manila design
Form by Heinz Seiry

Carstens 7322-30
                Tonnieshof Vase 7322 West German pottery thumbnail

Ceramano (1959-1984)
Ceramano was specifically started in order to produce a higher quality ceramics, more like studio pottery, including some hand made items.  Quality is almost always above average, and items often include, country, company, and glaze name. Designers included Gerda Heuckenroth and Hanns Welling.

Ceramano Vase 274 West German pottery
                    thumbnailCeramano Vase
Dolomit Glaze
Shape 274

West German Pottery

Ceramano vase with Nubia glaze West German
                  Pottery thumbnail

Ceramano Vase
Nubia Glaze


Ceramano vase, Island glaze decor thumbnail
                    West German PotteryCeramano Vase
Island Glaze

West German pottery

MC-4 Ceramano

MC-20 Ceramano
Ceramano Pergamon floor vase thumbnail West
                    German Pottery Hanns Welling
WG100-25 Ceramano


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