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Stuart Glass Threaded Optic Compote

Stuart Glass Threaded Optic Compote  Description: First guesses on this unusual threaded, diamond optic compote/tazza were either Stevens & Williams or Webb, but it turned out to be a Frederick Stuart design at the Red House Glassworks, shape 3890, circa 1882.  The company became Stuart & Sons a few years later.  Attribution, however, only cleared up one mystery.
The big mystery is just how some of the color effects and optics are achieved.The compote has a diamond optic pattern that's probably molded in since the glass seems too thin for an air trap design.  As far as I can tell, color of both the body and the threading is cranberry, although others with similar items have claimed the threading on theirs is amber.
Somehow, all of this adds up to a copper sheen that shifts as you move the compote.  The compote itself with just the diamond optic and rigaree would be a lovely item, but it's loaded with special effects that still avoid being gaudy.
Identifying this item required help from multiple people in multiple groups, and while there are similar threaded items from other companies, these "fully loaded" versions from Stuart/Red House appear to be uncommon at least.

Dimensions: Height about 7".

Condition: excellent with no damage and no repairs.  Of course, all our sales are fully guaranteed.

Price:  $185 plus shipping and insurance.

Shipping:  will vary based on location. Contact us for a quote.

International shipping rates by request.

To buy an item (or more), just e-mail us, or you can call us at 812-467-0191. 

We'll confirm that the item is still available, make sure we agree on the total, and answer any questions you wish to throw our way. Checks or money orders should be made "Forrest OR Virginia Poston". We also take Paypal (including Threaded Diamond Optic Glass Tazza, Stuart
                      glasscredit card payments).

We try to ship in one or two days after payment arrives, and we're generous with the bubblewrap and styrofoam peanuts.

 If there's something you'd like us to find for you, let us know. We're just itching to please you, or maybe that was poison ivy we got into.

Remember that all proceeds go to support good causes: my spouse, our cats (see the "staff" here), our creditors, my auction addiction, and the plumbing project that never ends.

Threaded Optic Compote
                  detail, Stuart Glass

Stuart Glass Threaded Diamond Optic Compote

Guarantee:  If we make a mistake, you get all your money back, including shipping both ways.  If you simply change your mind, you get your money back not counting what it costs to ship the item back to us.

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