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Steuler W. German Pottery Continua Series Cobalt Candlholder, Cari Zalloni
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Steuler Continua Candleholder 305, cobalt glaze       SOLD

Steuler Continua Candle Holder, Cari
                            Zalloni design, West German PotteryDescriptionThis candle holder is from the Continua line designed for Steuler by Cari Zalloni. It's also pictured in the July, 2008 issue of House Beautiful, page 34 (not just style, this particular one).  Most of Zalloni's designs feature strong, clean lines with simple glaze colors.  The form is based on old candle holders and yet quite modern.  (Candle not included, particularly since I no longer no where it is.)  While cobalt glazes have long been a staple of German pottery, monotone glazes are fairly uncommon on most W. German pottery.  However, Zalloni seems to have preferred monotone glazes or very simple, such as blue on blue.

Dimensions:   Height is about

Form: 305

Company/Artist:  Steuler, design by Cari Zalloni

Decor/Glaze:  Continua, which is a form name, not glaze

Estimated Date: 1961
is excellent with no damage and no repairs.


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