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Update time. Since my old and older page designs aren't mobile-friendly, I'm moving the essays to the News and Views blog. Sorry for the inconvenience, but it should work out better in the long run. Yeah, I'm secretly an optimist. To give you a preview, this essay looks at two of the best known, longest made forms in W. German pottery, the 313 by Ruscha and 271 by Scheurich, and how they were affected by the relationship between aesthetics and the need to make a profit.

In addition to this essay, on the News and Views blog you'll find numerous entries about W. German pottery, fat lava, Ruscha, Scheurich, Ceramano, designers such as Hanns Welling and Bodo Mans, and much more....with even more to come sooner or later. Ummmm, and don't overlook the links to the items we have for sale.

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